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All hearing aids dispensed and fitted at the G.Y. Hearing Centre are supplied by Worlds top manufactures of hearing instruments, who have at their laboratories some of the best audio logical scientists in the World to offer you, the wearer, the very best of what is on offer.


An American company who’s UK base and laboratory is in Manchester. Supplier of hearing aids to Presidents Carter and Regan and none other than Frank Sinatra. Renound for quality.


Known throughout the World for the outstanding workmanship and technology of their hearing instruments.


A Canadian company and the fastest growing hearing company in the World offering a fantastic range of hearing instruments.


A Danish company who’s UK base is in Scotland and one of the most trusted names in the industry.


The name alone stands out as one of the largest companies in the World, renound for technology and a very natural sounding hearing instruments.


Go into any deaf or hearing school in the Industrial World and you will find Phonak aids, and the work done in the Third World is outstanding. Their aids will perform alongside any.


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